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a website for the true seekers of God
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"SUGWAY" Regd. non profit trust Mumbai, India  present Swamiji's wisdom for all
This has become very popular service. You can ask questions about God, Soul, Self, Atma, Ishwar, Yoga, Kundalini, Chakra, Meditation, Mantra, Tantra, Creator, Creation, Life, Hindu deities etc.  You can ask about your personal problems too. Guidance is  given by world's most knowledgeable Guru Hon. JnanYogee Swami Aniljee. People experienced hidden power of healing in his guidance.
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  Truth and Myth about Rebirth
In most of the Indian Puranas (the epics), the stories of rebirths are depicted. Many people in the world including most of the Hindus believe in reincarnation. Thousands of books are written and research is conducted on this topic. Here are the final words from the enlightened Indian saint.

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People all over the world pray God and believe that their prayers are heard by God. Prayers strengthen the hopes. Is really God involved in this emotional, one-sided and nescient act of human?
True and terrific article
Life and mission of Khapti Baba
God described as per Veda view
Mumbai, India
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Society for Understanding God Within and Around You  Mumbai 
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Hindus are often ridiculed for the number of Gods in their religion. Why others, Hindus themselves feel this  absurd.

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What is soul?  Does it really exist? How can I believe it ?
The Holocaust viewed from Veda sky
Who created this world?  How credible are the old stories ?
Why priests in all the religions are asked to observe celibacy ?
Frustration ! An opoortunity to take on spirituality.
Secrets of Monkey God.  Part I and Part II
Science and God
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In ancient India enlightened Guru would teach the disciples by way of questions and answers.  This is evident from the first ever written knowledge on this earth called Upanishada. (veda).  We think the best tuition would be online replies to questions and online guidance when the seekers are perplexed about true/hidden meaning of the verses in the ancient Hindu scriptures?
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Famous Bollywood Actor writes his experience with Swamiji
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Swami Aniljee delivering lectures on Geeta. Image of his Guru Khapti Mahraj in the back
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The Best Question of the week
Some of our visitors ask real questions. A question that arose practically during their search of truth. We have decided to publish such questions and answers for the benefit of our readers on the separate page. We shall also give award of USD 10  or  INR 500 to the person asking such question.

The winner shall be emailed about the selection of his/her question and shall be asked to open
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Swami Aniljee ( Super Guru in tradition since 1860)
Enlightened self-realized saint and the topmost
knowledge Guru (JnanYogee)  of the world today. He is presently occupying the seat of "Guru" of the Nirguna Nirakar tradition. (the tradition that believe in highest Vedic wisdom of Nirguna Nirakar God. (all pervading God without any form, properties or qualities)
    Khapti Baba
Swami Aniljee
Khateshwar Maharaj
Your questions replied online by Swamiji
Knowledge for pure hearts and minds
330 Million Hindu Gods
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Read the answers to the questions asked by hundreds of our visitors
Here is the truth revealed      behind the number of Gods
Thousands of people WORLD OVER and
in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and other big cities  in India, daily or during their difficult time recite :
  Khapti Chalisa

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Audio and written  Hindi prayer
to Hon. Khapti Maharaj known for it's
very quick result and response
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Nirguna Nirakar Tradition -(Tradition of believers of formless and all pervading God)
                  Listen to Hindi Prayer
             recited daily at Sugway Ashram
"Oh Lord, bless us with knowledge of
"self" Let me know who am I ? Why I
came  here? And what I have to do here?
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100% Guaranteed Prayer
the knowledge of God beyond religions
More than 5,000 questions replied
They become immortal who understand
and experience the philosophy of Nirguna
Nirakar God. (God without form or qualities)
say Vedas, the ancient  Indian Scriptures
Become Disciple of Swami Aniljee
enjoy bliss in human life full of tensions
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at Fremont Hindu Temple, California US
This week's award winner: (29 Aug 09)
Shrinivasamurthy,  Banglore India

Q:  GURUJI how karama(duties)become sureneder to guru
A:   “Karmasya gatigahanah”  some author has written.  It means, “Unpredictable, deep and secret
.........   continued.
    Self Realization introduction Camp
              or Intellect Yoga camp
          Atmajnan Parichaya Shibir
               or Jnan Yoga camp

The camps are arranged by Sugway to make the seekers understand what is self-realization.This was necessary, because people can't imagine about self-realization and often misguided.
Hon. Swamiji attends camp and is
present at question-answer session. He also delivers his speech in Hindi.

Event Managers or the interested gentlemen, ladies, groups or institutions may please contact us to arrange camp anywhere in the world.

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Spiritual laughter
Husband : I have decided to renounce the world and I am going to stay at Guru Ashram.
Wife : No problem.
But come back soon. Last time you were there for three days.

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He is your friend who pushes you nearer to God.- Ambraham Kuyper,1837-1920
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7th Year
Geeta Jyanthi Week
From 11 Dec.To 18 Dec "10
Sugway celebrates Geeta
Jayanthi Week at Swami
Aniljee's Ashram at Chandur Railway, District Amravati Maharashtra State, India. Holy food with sweets is served to around 100,000 devotees for seven days. All the visitors are invited to attend the function. Donations may be paid in the name of  "Sugway S/B A/cNo. 02881000031487  HDFC Bank"  Mahavir Nagar Kandivali (W) Mumbai Br.India
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